Ann Ryan, Logo designer

Ann Ryan is a full-time designer during the day and freelancer at night.  They are passionate about every type of illustration, from product to editorial and everything in between.  Based in Minneapolis, they have a special love for tiny plants, collecting stickers, and matcha flavored anything.


Molly Adams, Creator

Molly is a British twenty-something born in London and now living a gender free life in Toronto. Find them at coffee shops or trying to remember what they learnt at art school by drawing in a park. 

Molly designs some of the t-shirts available in our shop, check them out!

Twitter: @atmollyadams

Instagram: @atmollyadams



Krishanthi Jeyakumar, Photographer

Krishanthi Jeyakumar is a born and bred East Londoner and a self proclaimed balloon in a room of cacti. When tea isn't being consumed, coffee probably is, and if it's neither of those, adventures are probably being had with a camera in hand.

Twitter: @Krishithink

Instagram: @Krishithink


Harry Adams, Blog Writer

Harry Adams is a filmmaker whose passions surround queer identity and visibility. She is currently studying a BA in Film Production and directing an independent documentary about gender identity and the online LGBTQ space.

Twitter: @Harriettradams

Instagram: @Havioli